Journalist detained for offence prosecutable on complaint, but without complaint Sept. 9, 2020

Journalist Oktay Candemir was taken into custody for his social media post about the TV series “Resurrection: Ertuğrul” broadcast on TRT. He is charged with “defaming a deceased person’s memory”.


Social media: A new front in the “war on headlines” Aug. 19, 2020

Another skirmish, which had been long going on in a separate area of the “war on headlines”, has today turned into a new battlefront in itself: the war on “social media”.



Turkey has passed a new legal amendment concerning the enforcement of prison sentences. Around 90 thousand in prison for various crimes have packed and been released from prisons, either temporarily or for good. However, journalists jailed for exercising their freedom of press and expression are excluded from the scope of this legal amendment. Now, news and criticism have become even more severe crimes in Turkey, as journalists find themselves more and more criminalized…

At least 54 journalists in prison, that is, almost half of all imprisoned journalists are outside the scope of the legal amendment. At least 242 journalists who stood trial or continue to stand trial in the past two years cannot benefit from the amendment. Journalists who stand trial in the future will be facing even higher barriers.

Covid-19, an invisible virus that shakes the world, could not be expected to solve Turkey’s problems of freedom accumulated over many years, in the form of a single law with 70 articles. Likewise, the problems aggravated by the decisions of judges and prosecutors who draw their strength from the previous laws and are fully attuned to politicians, could not be solved in the political arena in just one week.


Political Power and the Kurdish Media since the 1970s Jan. 31, 2020

For an analysis of the Kurdish media, case files may be a good start.

Because, in these files, one can find the list of all relevant television channels, magazines and newspapers in Kurdish and Turkish as well as their launch dates and the dates of their closure with a court order and / or access bans and recall orders. From the statements of the Kurdish media professionals and journalists standing trial, you can keep track of the assassinations of journalists and the attacks on newspaper offices. You may follow the social and political agenda of the period from the trial records…


When a bear wants to eat its cub, it will cover it with mud. Jan. 29, 2020

“How could I know that I was to stand trial for capital punishment when my friends were in power?”: “When a bear wants to eat its cub, it will cover it with mud.”


How does the 280-character mechanism work? Jan. 27, 2020

AKP government has been employing the “280-character mechanism” for a long time whenever the society starts to discuss its policies whose legitimacy is dubious. Social media is under close watch. When a news article, criticism or harsh criticism appears on their radar, they press the button. What remains behind is a chilling silence.


Unfair trials under the state of emergency Jan. 27, 2020

Many journalists who fall under the scope of the PressInArrest study were detained, arrested, tried and convicted as per the laws of state of emergency (OHAL), which was established after the July 15th failed coup attempt.

Decree laws (KHK) issued under the state of emergency restricted many journalists’ defense-related rights during legal proceedings, as was the case in all other trials.
Legal proceedings in Turkey had always been tainted by human rights violations. However, state of emergency decree laws restricted defendants’ rights even further.


From protecting the victim to violating the right to defense: SEGBİS Jan. 21, 2020

In the 1990s, TV channels in Turkey would record footage in courtrooms.
Through this practice, the accusations and defenses that marked recent history were broadcast directly to the public from courtrooms that were supposed to reach a verdict on behalf of that public. On the other hand, however, this practice also tarnished the presumption of innocence for the accused. Because, the broadcasts presented the accused as guilty, although no verdict had yet been reached.


Operation against Sözcü Newspaper: Terror crime "uncovered" in word search game Dec. 24, 2019

The prosecutor has charged Sözcü Newspaper of “aiding and abetting FETÖ terrorist organization” and filed a lawsuit at a high criminal court, based entirely on news articles published in the newspaper. Furthermore, most of the articles cited as evidence had not been subjected to any charge or investigation when they had first been published.
One such piece of evidence was a “word search game…”



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