Şirin Kabakçı - FETÖ Trial

Şirin Kabakçı was detained on May 11, 2017 under the investigation against FETÖ (Fethullahist Terrorist Organization), on the orders of Konya Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office. Kabakçı was charged with “membership of a terrorist organization.”

13 days later (May 24, 2017) Şirin Kabakçı was taken to the public prosecutor’s office, and arrested on the same day upon the orders of Konya 3. Criminal Court of Peace for alleged “membership of a terrorist organization”.

  1. High Criminal Court of Konya sent the indictment completed on October 2, 2017, to Istanbul on October 10, 2017 due to “lack of jurisdiction”. The indictment was accepted by Istanbul 35. High Criminal Court.

The first hearing was held on June 19, 2018, 17 months after he was detained and arrested. Şirin Kabakçı was released pending trial, at the fourth hearing of the case on condition of judicial control.



Şirin Kabakçı

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