Perihan Mağden, Tunca Öğreten vd. - “Publicy Insulting the President” Trial

In September 2015, the magazine Nokta was banned and pulled off the shelves for its cover that read “Erdoğan-Style Selfie”. Perihan Mağden, a contributor to the said magazine gave an interview on September 14, 2015 to journalist Tunca İlker Öğreten from the news web site, stating that “President Erdoğan acts like a wild tiger that has been cornered”.

Due to this metaphor used in the interview, the writer Perihan Mağden, journalist Tunca İlker Ögreten who conducted the interview, and Orhan Şahin and Mehmet Çağlar Tekin executives of the Yurt newspaper which published the interview, were all charged with “insulting the President”.

At the final hearing of the trial held at Istanbul 2. Criminal Court of First Instance on January 10, 2019, Mağden and Öğreten were each fined 7 thousand TL on charges of “insulting the President”. The court did not postpone the fines for Öğreten and Mağden, but acquitted Şahin and Tekin of the charges.

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