Cansu Pişkin - “Disclose or Publish the Identity of Officials on Anti-Terrorist Duties” Trial

Cansu Pişkin penned a news story about the change of prosecutor in the investigation against Boğaziçi University students who were detained, and it was published in Evrensel newspaper dated April 5, 2018, and on the newspaper’s website. The story read:

“… (E.G.) is a prosecutor at Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office, Bureau for Investigation of Terror and Organized Crime, and had described HDP, the third largest party in the Parliament, as a ‘party engaged in politics under instructions from the terrorist organization’ in a previous indictment …

An indictment was completed by prosecutor on November 14, 2018, and Cansu Pişkin stood trial for “Making comments on public prosecutors and citing their identity in an explicit manner.”

At the hearing on May 7, 2019, Pişkin was sentenced to 10 months in prison as per Article 6 / 1 of the Anti-Terror Law no. 3713. The court deferred the announcement of the verdict.

The court reduced the 1-year prison sentence by 1/6, “in consideration of its possible effects on the defendant’s future.”



Cansu Pişkin

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