Safiye Alağaş - “Propaganda of Terrorist Organization in Successive Intervals” Trial

After banning access to Jin News web site eight times, Information and Communication Technologies Authority (BTK) filed a criminal complaint against the web site’s News Manager Safiye Alağaş with Diyarbakır Proseuctor’s Office, alleging that the news stories on the web site were tantamount to propaganda for a terrorist organization.

An investigation was launched against Alağaş on March 26, 2018 following this complaint. Diyarbakır Public Prosecutor completed the investigation and prepared an indictment against Alağaş on July 5, 2018.

The indictment cited as evidence for crime the photos of Abdullah Öcalan used in news articles, photos of YPJ members [Yekîneyên Parastina Jin - Women’s Popular Defense Units] killed in combat, news stories about the attacks on Afrin and various articles published under the column dubbed Women’s Pen.

In the indictment, up to five years of prison sentence was requested for Alağaş for ”spreading propaganda for a terrorist organization“. Safiye Alağaş gave her statement at Diyarbakır Police Department within the scope of this investigation, stressing that the agency is focusing on stories concerning women and children.

The first hearing of the indictment adopted by Dıyarbakır 4. High Criminal Court was held on December 11.

At the fourth hearing held on October 22, 2019, Safiye Alağaş was acquitted of the charges.



Safiye Alağaş

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