Kaya-Aykol- Kızılkaya / Özgür Gündem Trial

Due to articles published in the Özgür Gündem newspaper, which was later closed with a Decree Law, separate investigations were initiated by Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office, Press Crimes Investigation Bureau. After the lawsuits were filed, 14 indictments were merged by the Istanbul 2. Criminal Court of First Instance.

The prosecutors drafted 1 indictment for Hatip Dicle, 10 for Hüseyin Aykol, 14 for İnan Kızılkaya and 2 for Zana Kaya.

In the indictments, they were charged with “publicly defaming the government, the judiciary or the police force”, and “publicly defaming the Turkish nation, republic and Grand National Assembly of Turkey”.

The trial awaits the execution of the arrest warrant against Kurdish politician Hatip Dicle.

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