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Lezgin Akdeniz - /Propaganda of an Organzation Trial

Mezopotamya Agency reporter Lezgin Akdeniz was among the 142 people detained in Diyarbakır on October 9, 2018, within the scope of an investigation conducted by Diyarbakır Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office. Diyarbakır Public Prosecutor Şansuvar Yıldız drafted an indictment against Akdeniz, who was held in custody for three days. The indictment was accepted by Diyarbakır 9. High Criminal Court on January 18, 2019.

The indictment claimed that Akdeniz “was a member of the terrorist organization” based only on the statements of the secret witness code named “Ezel”; and accused him of “spreading continuous propaganda for the terrorist organization”, for putting a like on a news story on Facebook concerning the liberation of Rakka from ISIS: The prosecutor requested a total sentence of 22 years in jail. The investigation centered on ‘KCK’, and in the indictment, the charges pressed against Akdeniz took a quarter of a page. The indictment featured the statement by the secret witness “Ezel”, who claimed that Akdeniz -who had indeed never gone abroad- took instructions from Murat Karayılan and Cemil Bayık, and communicated these to members of the organization.

The indictment also included another statement by the secret witness Ezel, where he claimed that Akdeniz had met with members of the organization in Iraq, via Skype. In the indictment, in reference to these secret witness statements, the prosecutor requested a prison sentence of 10 to 22 years for Akdeniz, on charges of “membership of a terrorist organization”. The first hearing of the trial was held on March 27, 2019.

A verdict was reached at the first hearing: Akdeniz was acquitted of the charge of “membership of a terrorist organization” and sentenced to 1 year, 3 months in prison for “spreading propaganda for a terrorist organization”. The court also ordered the deferment of the announcement of the verdict.

Lezgin Akdeniz - Örgüt Propagandası Davası (İddianame)