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Eren Keskin is an attorney at law. She was the writer for and the co-executive editor of the now-closed Özgür Gündem newspaper. Several lawsuits were filed against Keskin due to her position as the co-executive editor of the newspaper.

Between February and June 2016, she was charged with “terrorist organisation propaganda”, “publicly inciting people to commit crime” and “praising offences and offenders” over the news items and articles published in the newspaper. In the 16 indictments that were merged, the prosecution demanded that Keskin be sentenced to imprisonment of between 18 months and 12 years.

Keskin was sentenced to three years and nine months of imprisonment for the crime of “consecutive terrorist organisation propaganda by means of the media” at the end of the trial that lasted approximately three years. Along with the managers and the writers of the newspaper, Keskin was charged with “disruption of the unity and territorial integrity of the state”, “terrorist organisation propaganda” and “membership of an organisation formed to commit crime”.

The prosecution demanded one aggravated life sentence and imprisonment sentences of between 15 years and 32 years. Keskin was charged with “public defamation of the President” and “terrorist organisation propaganda” over a news report published in the newspaper. The prosecution demanded that Keskin be sentenced to imprisonment of between 26 months and nine years and eight months. The case files concerning Keskin were merged, and the trial is currently underway. Keskin is on trial without remand.


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