Barış Pehlivan

Journalist Barış Pehlivan was born at July 10th, 1983. He was graduated from University of Istanbul, Faculty of Communication, School of Journalism.

He worked as a correspondent at culture and art magazine Kaçak Yayın, a branch of Leman Magazine Group in 2004. He brought Turkey’s recent past to TV with the documentary series “Oradaydım” he prepared for CNN Turk between 2005 and 2010. He worked as an assistant, assistant director and editor in the documentaries “Paranın Seyir Defter”, “Şair Ceketli Çocuk: Kazım Koyuncu” and “ Nohut Oda Bakla Sofa”. These documentaries were given various awards.

Pehlivan was taken into custody at February 14th, 2011, within the scope of the trials known as “Odatv Case” in public. He was detained for 19 months. He was acquitted after almost 6 years of judicial processes.

Pehlivan, wrote the books “Sızıntı:Wikileaks’te Ünlü Türkler”, “Mahrem-Gizli Belgelerle Türkiye’nin Sırları” and “Metastaz” with journalist Barış Terkoğlu.

Pehlivan was the editor-in-chief of Odatv since 2007. Pehlivan was summoned to the Police headquarters at March 6th, 2020 to give statement for the article “Odatv reached the footage of the quiet funeral service of the MIT (National Intelligence Agency) member who was martyred in Libya”. The article included information about the funeral service held for the MIT member at Manisa, who was killed during the Turkish military operations in Libya.

Following the process at at Istanbul Court House in Çağlayan, he was arrested by the decision of the court he was forwarded to. The decision was based on the accusation of “disclosing the information and documents regarding intelligence actions”. He was then taken to Istanbul Silivri Prison.

5 other journalists were arrested on the same grounds as Pehlivan.

Investigation against Pehlivan is still ongoing.