Ferhat Çelik

Journalist Ferhat Celik was born in 1989 in Adıyaman. Celik started his journalism career at Dicle News Agency (DİHA). He worked at Özgür Gündem Daily, Dihaber Agency and Mezapotamya Agency at different periods of time.

Özgür Gündem, DİHA and dihaber were shut down with decree-laws put in motion within the scope of the state of emergency, following the July 15th Coup Attempt. During the state of emergency, numerous press organisations were shut down with the decree-laws passed by the government, without having the laws voted in the parliament.

Çelik was lastly the editor-in-chief of Yeni Yaşam Daily. He was summoned to give a statement at March 6th, 2020 for “making news about the information regarding the death of MIT (National Intelligence Agency) member during the operations Turkey had launched in Libya”. After giving a statement at the prosecutor’s office, he was forwarded to the criminal court of peace with a request for his arrest. Following his statement at the criminal court of peace, he was released with judicial control condition and a ban on leaving the country.

However, due to the objection of the prosecutor’s office, a new arrest warrant was issued against him. Çelik, after the arrest warrant appeared at Istanbul Police Headquarters.

Following his processes at the police station he was forwarded to the courthouse.

Çelik, was arrested after giving a statement at Istanbul Criminal Court of Peace on Duty at March 8th, 2020. He was accused of “disclosing information and documents regarding intelligence activities”. He was taken to the Silivri Prison. 5 other journalists were accused on the same grounds.

Investigation against Çelik is still ongoing.