Mediha Olgun

Mediha Olgun has worked in media outlets such as the Sabah Newspaper, Kanal A, Metro TV, Kral Tv, Flash TV, the Akşam Newspaper, the Forum Newspaper and the Yeni Şafak Newspaper. She started to work as an editor in the Sözcü Newspaper in 2012. Olgun was also one of the journalists who witnessed the Mavi Marmara Operation [The “Gaza Flotilla Raid” was a military operation by Israel against six civilian ships of the “Gaza Freedom Flotilla” on May 31, 2010, in international waters in the Mediterranean Sea. Nine activists were killed on one ship during the raid and ten Israeli soldiers were wounded, one seriously].

When she was the news director responsible for Sözcü Newspaper’s online portal, she was taken into custody and jailed. Then the Sözcü Newspaper terminated her contract in February 2018.

Mediha Olgun was arrested in the operation within the scope of the “investigation on the Fethullah üulen Terrorist Organization / Parallel State Structure (FETÖ/PDY)” for the owner and employees of the Sözcü Newspaper on May 19, 2017. Along with Olgun, the Sözcü Newspaper’s İzmir correspondent Bekir Gökmen Ulu and Y.Y., who was the fiscal manager of the newspaper, were also arrested. Burak Akbay, the owner of the newspaper, was not found at his home address, therefore the court ruled for an arrest warrant.

After one week in custody, Olgun and Ulu were ordered to be arrested by the court. Olgun was released on her 120th day in jail by the Criminal Court of Peace on Duty on Sept. 22, 2017. When she was released, she was waiting for an indictment.

Asım Ekren, the chief public prosecutor, issued the indictment on Sept. 26, 2017. In the indictment, Mediha Olgun was charged for “aiding an organization knowingly and willingly, although she does not belong to that structure” (TPC 220/7). İstanbul 37th High Criminal Court accepted the indictment.

The first hearing of the trial was held on Nov. 7, 2017. While the first prosecution was in process, another chief public prosecutor, Arif Cemil Özkurşun also issued an indictment against Sözcü’s editor-in-chief Metin Yılmaz, Mustafa Çetin, Necati Doğru, Yücel Arı and Mustafa Emin Çölaşan. The indictment was also accepted by İstanbul 37th High Criminal Court. In the first hearing of the trial on Jan. 18, 2019, upon the request of prosecutor Özkurşun, the court ruled to consolidate the cases.

The first hearing of the merged trial was set for April 16, 2019. Olgun was released pending trial.

At the 9th hearing of trial held on Sept. 4, 2019, the judicial control of travel ban against Mediha Olgun was removed.

10th hearing of the consolidated case was held at October 28th, 2019. Next hearing was set to December 27th.

Sözcü Newspaper's First Trial

The police conducted an operation within the scope of the “investigation on the Fethullah Gülen Terrorist Organization / Parallel State Structure (FETÖ/PDY)” for the owner and employees of the Sözcü newspaper. Burak Akbay, the owner of the newspaper, was not found at his home address, therefore the court ruled for an arrest warrant. The Sözcü newspaper’s İzmir correspondent Bekir Gökmen Ulu, Mediha Olgun, the chief of the newspaper’s news portal and Y.Y., who was the fiscal manager of the newspaper were detained. After one week in custody, Ulu and Olgun were jailed while Y.Y. was released by the court pending trial.

According to prosecutor Asım Ekren’s indictment,one of Sözcü’s cover photos (issued Jan. 1, 2016) was prosecuted and charged for “Insulting the President of the Republic.” The cover photo was a satire word search puzzle and the headline was “Your Fortune for 2016.” Sözcü was prosecuted for the placing of the words. It was claimed that the placing of the “TAYYİPİC, ÖLRECEP, YERDOĞAN, YEZİT” letters were insulting the President.

While the investigation continues, regarding the “Sözcü Found Erdoğan” file, the court ruled that it was not in its jurisdiction on Aug. 8, 2016.

In the scope of investigation which was conducted after the outside of jurisdiction verdict, in the Directorate of Anti-smuggling And Organized Crime Bureau of İstanbul Police Office’s open source report, it was claimed that “the report was guiding and encouraging the attempt to assassinate the President” on Aug. 14, 2016.

In the Sept. 26, 2017, dated indictment which was penned by the chief public prosecutor Asım Ekren, the report dated July 15, 2016 (the same date as the failed coup attempt) and titled “Sözcü Erdoğan’ı Buldu” (Sözcü Found Erdoğan) which was about Erdoğan’s whereabouts on that day was claimed to be “guiding and encouraging the assassination attempt and facilitating the crime.”

Some articles and reports published in the Sözcü newspaper were also mentioned in the indictment under the charge of “aiding an organization knowingly and willingly, although she or he does not belong to that structure.”

Another chief public prosecutor, Arif Cemil Özkurşun also issued an indictment against Sözcü’s editor-in-chief Metin Yılmaz, Mustafa Çetin, Necati Doğru, Yücel Arı and Mustafa Emin Çölaşan. The indictment was also accepted by İstanbul 37th High Criminal Court.

Asım Ekren’s 73-page indictment and Arif Cemil Özkurşun’s 61-page indictment were nearly facsimile, except the parts which include different defendants. In the indictment, Özkurşun used the sentence, “ongoing prosecution’s indictment that was prepared by Asım Ekren,” between parenthesis.

In the indictment, in contrast to Ekren’s “FETÖ-PDY” choice, Arif Cemil Özkurşun named the movement of Fethullah Gülen’s followers as “FETÖ” in bold capital letters.

In the indictment, Mediha Olgun was introduced as “the news director responsible for the Sözcü newspaper’s online portal where the report about the whereabouts of the President just before the armed coup attempt against the government of the Turkish Republic was published.”

In the 4-page chapter titled, “The transition to the investigation process,” the prosecutor summarized the events starting from the investigation against the “puzzle” cover and to the “Sözcü Found Erdoğan” report.

The next 12-page chapter titled, “Fethullahist Terrorist Organization / Parallel State Structure (FETÖ/PDY) The Aim and The Method of The Organization, The Organization’s Media Structure, Editorial Policies, Perception Creating Methods”, the prosecutor explained these topics and claimed that some of the reports of the newspaper were sourced by police officers and “[those] personnel were informing Sözcü newspaper’s managers without [the knowledge of their superiors] and with the aim of creating a certain perception in the public, the newspaper was constantly reporting these pieces of information as if they were the truths.”

In the indictment, the prosecutor also summarized the Department of Anti-Smuggling and Organized Crime, General Directorate’s report on “Media Structure and Methods of FETÖ/PDY.”

The following claims were included in the report:

“[There were] publications praising the parallel state structure and this structure’s managers; publications making the crimes of this structure look simple, presenting these crimes as heroism; articles published after the operations were biased, targeting the state and aiming to erode the public institutions; publications relating to the protests against the detention of this structure’s members; reports misinforming the public and making the organization’s propaganda, publications aiming to create a counter-perception for the national issues …”

The companies where Burak Akbay is a shareholder and his transactions were listed in the indictment’s expert report chapter.

In the journalism expert report, it was claimed that “besides the daily topics, the base of the editorial policy of the newspaper was to create a perception that the Turkish government has an attitude or is actively supporting terrorism inside and outside Turkey.”

In the indictment, the prosecutor suggested Sözcü “has a similar layout, they use the same parlance, they work simultaneously” with Zaman - which was referred to as “FETÖ/PDY’s media which was shut down - and Sözcü has “similarities with the tone of FETÖ/PDY’s media outlets and social media accounts.”

Especially the audio recordings claiming to capture some of the government authorities, the reports on the posts of a social media personality nicknamed Fuat Avni, Emin Çölaşan’s article titled “Şimdi Cemaati savunma zamanı” (“Now is the time to defend the Congregation”- “Congregation” refers to the movement of Fethullah Gülen’s followers), Necati Doğru’s article titled “Naylon darbe!” (“Fake coup!”) and some of the reports published in Sözcü were among the claims.

In the 15 pages of witness testimonies, besides the hostile witnesses such as pro-government columnists and journalists like Ersoy Dede, Cem Küçük, Fehmi Koru and Hüseyin Gülerce, there were also testimonies of witnesses including Akbay’s father which were taken accordingly by the defense attorneys’ requests.

The claim that “Burak Akbay was growing up in the houses of FETÖ/PDY” which was stated by one of the hostile witnesses, Fehmi Koru’s article dated 2010 and published with a pen name, and other witnesses claims of Sözcü’s alleged affiliation with the FETÖ/PDY stood out in the indictment.

Even though, Fehmi Koru claimed he was informed by Burak Akbay’s father, Akbay’s father did not confirm it.

Among the favorable testimonies, it was stated that “Sözcü was opposing the government and the claim of similarity with the FETÖ/PDY media outlets is not true.”

In the chapter of the suspects’ testimonies, Mediha Olgun’s testimony was summarized as follows:

“[Mediha Olgun said that] she is coming from a leftist family; that she is among the ones who were most affected from the coups; that she is offended by accusations of being affiliated with a traitor organization with which she didn’t share ideology; that the Sözcü newspaper doesn’t have any relation with people or institutions affiliated with the FETÖ; that the Sözcü newspaper was always against the FETÖ since the day it was founded, that it was the most litigated newspaper by Fethullah Gülen and his partisan institutions; that sometimes they report Fuat Avni’s posts [Fuat Avni was a Twitter persona, who mostly criticized the AKP government] that these kinds of reports were published in every other news portals and that is the way it is; that they don’t have any other intention; that they published the news which they thought are newsworthy; that they don’t need any order to publish the news and even if the report is criminal, she couldn’t be responsible for that; that she had no authorization or effect on publishing or deleting any report published in the news portal; if there was a responsible person,it would be Mustafa Çetin …”

In the indictment, for about 10 pages, the prosecutor listed “The Notions of The Organization, Being A Member of A Terrorist Organization, Making The Propaganda of A Terrorist Organization, Freedom of Speech And Thought, The Articles Regarding the Regulations of The Imputed Offenses, Sample Verdicts of European Court of Human Rights and The Court of Cassation.”

In the indictment, regarding the whereabouts of Erdoğan, it was stated that “[we] came to the conclusion that the actions of Bekir Gökmen Ulu and Mediha Olgun were to facilitate the assassination of the President and exceeded the notion of freedom of speech and its purpose.”

In the conclusion and request section of the indictment, it was claimed that when the “Sözcü Found Erdoğan” report was published the location of Erdoğan was unknown, therefore his location was shared with the public by this report.” The following statements were used in the indictment’s conclusion section:

“[The testimony of] a witness of the indictment which was issued by the Ankara Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office regarding the Ankara’daki Kara Havacılık Okulu Komutanlığı, the efforts of the plotters to locate President Erdoğan, [the note about] whether or not they would ask for assistance from the USA; [the testimony of] the anonymous witness, [which stated that] Hidayet Karaca, one of FETÖ’s media structure managers said the Cumhuriyet newspaper and the Sözcü newspaper should be taken over gradually and other issues should be considered altogether and then be evaluated. The nature of the action can only be clearly understood when the pieces are brought together; therefore it was understood that both of the suspects’ actions were to aid the armed terrorist organization FETÖ/PDY knowingly and willingly, although she or he does not belong to that structure …”

In the indictment, the prosecutor recommended Mediha Olgun be sentenced with the charge of “aiding an organization knowingly and willingly, although she or he does not belong to that structure” (TPC 220/7).

After Mediha Olgun’s arrest, the Press Crimes Investigation Bureau of the İstanbul Public Prosecutor’s Office requested the release of Mediha Olgun under judicial control.

The İstanbul 5th Criminal Court of Peace on Duty, accepted the request on the ground of “[regarding] that she has a stable residence, the phase of the investigation, the suspect’s family problems, the time that she spent in jail and her health condition, it is understood that the judicial control was enough.” Olgun was released under judicial control.

The first hearing of the trial was held on Nov. 7, 2018. At the end of the two-day hearing, the court ruled to release of Bekir Gökmen Ulu, who was arrested at the same time as Olgun.

She defended herself in the court in the following terms:

“I started working as a journalist in Kanal A TV. Then I worked at the Akşam newspaper, the Yeni Şafak newspaper, and the Sabah newspaper. When I was working in the Sabah newspaper, I was one of the journalists who were on the Mavi Marmara ship that delivered İHH’s [İnsan Hak ve Hürriyetleri İnsani Yardım Vakfı - Humanitarian Relief Foundation or İHH is a conservative Turkish NGO, whose members are predominantly Turkish Muslims, active in more than 100 countries] aid to Palestine. I witnessed Israel’s massacre first hand. I have witnessed eight human rights volunteers’ become martyrs, among them was my colleague Cevdet Kılıçlar. And when I got back, I wrote what happened in my book. My book ‘Mavi Marmara’da neler oldu?’ (“What happened on the Mavi Marmara?”) published by Turkuaz Kitap. I have been making efforts towards the prosecution of Israel in Istanbul 7th High Criminal Court for seven years. Calling it ‘Israel’ may be a misattribution. I am one of the plaintiffs who asked for the prosecution of Netanyahu, who ordered the raid, the Israeli Chief of Defence Staff and the soldiers who took part in the raid in Istanbul 7th High Criminal Court. Today, the case was dropped but our fight continues. Now, under these conditions, my first question is I didn’t understand how could I be charged for aiding FETÖ.

“Regarding the Marmaris report; Gökmen defended himself very well. I wasn’t part of the report. Besides, I didn’t have any authorization. I saw the report after it was published. He didn’t need my approval. He told you how he did the report. He said that it wasn’t a crime. I don’t have any involvement in the reporting. Even if I edited, published or sowed the piece, I can’t even say ‘No’. I really don’t understand how I could be accused of such a crime regarding a report that I have never seen before. But I still trust justice. No hurt feelings. There could be a mistake, I am not going after it. I am only upset. To be called an ally of such an organization, wearing this stigma (no matter if the prosecution continues) … Maybe no one will believe it but I am a journalist, and [the trial and accusation] published it everywhere. My name is referred to as the Fethullahist Terrorist Organization knowingly and willingly. I have never experienced anything like this in my 20-year career. If I were to be charged for robbery, usurpation or battery, I wouldn’t be as offended as I am now. What would I do with the Fethullahist Terrorist Organization? I have never sympathized with this organization, even when people were calling this [FETÖ] with a different name. They don’t even interest me. I don’t know how I ended up here.”

While the prosecution continued, the court ruled to merge the case with the second Sözcü indictment. The first hearing of the merged trial is set to be on April 18, 2019. At the hearing, the opinion as to the accusations was announced. The next hearing for the defences was set for June 14, 2019.

At the 8th hearing of trial held on June 14, 2019, Mustafa Emin Çölaşan, Necati Doğru, Metin Yılmaz, Mediha Olgun, Gökmen Ulu, Yücel Arı made their statements against the opinion as to the accusations. Mustafa Çetin and Y.Y. demanded an extension of time. All the lawyers of the defendants also demanded an extension of time against the opinion as to the accusations.

Mediha Olgun stated that she denied the accusation. She also mentioned that she had no authority of realizing the allegations of “aiding an organization voluntarily and knowingly”, or publishing and changing news reports.

She said “I did not even see the news report titled as ‘Sözcü found Erdoğan’. There was no need for me to see it or for them to ask me. I was in custodial prison for seven days and I was in prison for 4 months due to a news report which I had never seen. I was accused of being a FETÖist. I am still being prosecuted. I am disinclined to do journalism any more.

“ I was one of the journalists in Mavi Marmara. What could be the connection between me and Fethullah? I am against all the coups d’etat. I don’t care who did it. I am fed up! Everyone is doing his/her job and I am unemployed now. I never said that reporting news is a crime, I just said do not ask it to me. I trust justice. If you reach a decision, I serve my sentence. I am taking to your justice and demand my acquittal.”

Can Çelik, Mediha Olgun’s lawyer demanded an extension of time for a defence against the opinion as to the accusations. He also mentioned a decision of the Court of Cassation’s General Penal Board about the freedom of press. He stated that his client and the other defendants’ actions were in the scope of the freedom of press.
Olgun had demanded the dismissal of the case due to the lapse of time (within 4 months after the publishing of the news report) according to the Press Law’s 26th article but it had been rejected. Olgun again demanded the reversal of decision. However the court decided to evaluate the demand along with the verdict.

At the 9th hearing of trial on Sept. 4, 2019, the defences against the opinion as to the accusations were heard. At the hearing, the travel ban as a judicial control measure against Olgun was removed.

10th hearing of the case took place at October 28th, 2019.

Court board ruled that the changes made with the First Package of Judicial Reforms was set in motion at October 24th, 2019, should be taken into consideration and the files should be sent to prosecution in order to prepare a new opinion as to the accusations. Court decided that in case the opinion was prepared,it should be sent to the attorneys to prepare a defence as to the accusations.

Court board set the next hearing to December 27th, 2019, 10:00.

5. Standing - Nov. 7, 2018

19 Mayıs 2017’de Sözcü gazetesi sabinin ve çalışanlarının evlerine “Fetullahçı Terör Örgütü (FETÖ) adına suç işlemek” iddiasıyla operasyon düzenlendi.

Adresinde bulunamayan gazete sahibi Burak Akbay hakkında yakalama kararı çıkartılırken, İzmir muhabiri Gökmen Ulu, internet sitesi sorumlu müdürü Mediha Olgun ve mali işler müdürü Yonca Yücekaleli gözaltına alındı. Bir haftalık gözaltı süresinin ardından Yücekaleli, tutuksuz yargılamak üzere serbest bırakılırken, Ulu ve Ongun 8 Kasım 2017’deki ikinci duruşmaya kadar tutuklu kaldı.

İstanbul Cumhuriyet Başsavcılığı savcılarından Arif Cemal Özkurşun’un Ekim 2017’de hazırladığı iddianamede Sözcü gazetesinin 15 Temmuz darbe girişimi günü saat 16.25’te Gökmen Ulu imzalı, “Sözcü Erdoğan’ı Buldu” başlıklı, Cumhurbaşkanı Erdoğan’ın o gün konumunun verildiği haberle “suikast girişimine yol gösterici, davet edici ve suç ifası öncesi ile sonrası için kolaylaştırıcı haber yaptığı” iddia edildi. Sözcü gazetesinde yayınlanan birçok haber ve köşe yazısı da “Silahlı Terör Örgütü İçindeki Hiyerarşik Yapıya Dahil Olmamakla Birlikte Örgüte Bilerek-İsteyerek Yardım Etme” suçlamasıyla hazırlanan iddianameye konu oldu.

7 Kasım 2018’de görülen 5. duruşma 7 dakika sürdü. Gazete avukatları, sanıklar hakkındaki tüm yakalama kararı veya adli kontrol şartlarının kaldırılmasını talep etti, mahkeme talepleri reddetti.

Next Trial: April 12, 2019, 9:45 a.m.

İstanbul 37. Ağır Ceza Mahkemesi’nde görülen 5. duruşmada mahkeme heyeti Akın Gürlek başkanlığında üye hakimler Erol Güngör ve Ferhat Gülbağça’dan oluştu.

Duruşma dosyaya giren evrakların (Burak Akbay’a ait HTS - Historical Traffic Search/Geçmiş telefon iletişimi trafiği- analiz raporu, İstanbul Cumhuriyet Başsavcılığı’na dosyaya ilişkin yolladığı evrak) okunmasıyla başlandı.

Ardından sanık avukatları söz aldı. Sırayla avukatlar Celal Ülgen, İsmail Yılmaz, Ceren Yakışır, Can Çelik konuştu.

Avukat Ülgen konuşmasına “Adalet adına yapılmış zulümden daha büyük zulüm yoktur” diye başlarken, müvekkili Akbay hakkındaki yakalama kararının kaldırılmasını talep etti.

Avukat Yılmaz, 6 Temmuz 2018 tarihli dilekçedeki beyanları tekrarladıklarını söyledi, Buak Akbay’ın el konulan iPad cihazının iadesini ve hakkındaki yakalama kararının reddini talep etti. Ayrıca iddianameye konu olan telefon görüşmesiyle ilgili telefon hattının kime ait olduğunun tespiti (sözleşme) için Vodafone’a yazı yazılmasını istedi.

Avukat Yakışır da Vodafone’a yazı yazılması talebini tekrar ederken, “Zira yazılacak müzekkere sözleşme içeriğine ait olmayı özellikle HTS analiz raporunda müvekkilim Akbay ile görüşmesi bulunan kişinin o telefon hattını kullanıp kullanmadığının tespiti için önemlidir. Dosyada müvekkilim Akbay hakkında soruşturmanın en başından bu zamana kadar FETÖ ile irtibatına dair hiçbir delil yoktur. Sürecin uzaması hak mahrumiyeti yaratmaktadır, hakkındaki yakalama kararının kaldırılmasını talep ediyoruz” dedi.

Avukat Çelik ise müvekkili Mediha Olgun hakkındaki yurtdışına çıkış yasağı şeklinde adli kontrol kararının kaldırılmasını istedi.

Savcı “sanık Akbay hakkındaki yakalama emrinin infazının beklenilmesine, adli kontrol kararının aynen devamına, eksik hususların giderilmesi talep olunur” dedi.

Esas hakkında mütalaanın 12 Mart 2019’da görülecek 6. duruşmada verilmesi bekleniyor.

  1. İstanbul Cumhuriyet Başsavcılığı’na müzakere yazılarak 2017/126355 soruşturma sayılı dosyaya (Sözcü gazetesinin yazarlarına yönelik soruşturma) ilişkin soruşturmanın bitip bitmediği, eğer iddianame düzenlenmiş ise buna ilişkin iddianame örneğinin mahkemeye gönderilmesinin istenmesi,

  2. Vodafone A.Ş.’ye müzakere yazılarak telefon hattının hat abonelik sözleşmesi, bu hattın kim tarafından kullanıldığı ve bu hatta dair 9 Mayıs 2016 tarihi ve sonrasında bu hattın kimin tarafından kullanıldığı özellikle Halil Burak Balkız ya da bir başkası tarafından kullanılıp kullanılmadığına ilişkin müzekkere yazılmasına, bu konuda yazılarak müzekkereye ilişkin sanık müdafiilerine elden takip yetkisi verilmesine, müzekkereye bu hususun şerh edilmesine,

  3. Dosya kapsamı, sanık Burak Akbay’ın halen yurtdışında bulunmuş olması dikkate alınarak, sanık hakkında daha önceki aşamalarda uygulanan CMK 94-100 maddesindeki yakalama emri infazının aynen devamına,

  4. Her ne kadar bir kısmı sanıklar müdafii müvekkilleri hakkında Ceza Muhakemesi Kanunu 109/3-A (Adli kontrol kararı ve uygulanması) maddesindeki yurtdışına çıkış yasağının tedbirinin kaldırılmasını talep etmiş ise de bu yöndeki taleplerinin reddine,

  5. Celse arasında dosya tekemmül (tamama erme) etmiş olacağından esas hakkında mütalaa için dosyanın iddia makamına gönderilmesine,

  6. Bu nedenle duruşmanın 12 Mart 2019 günü saat 9:45’e bırakılmasına karar verildi.

Duruşma Öncesi

Aynı gün aynı saatlerde Büyükada’da gözaltına alınan hak savunucularının duruşması dolayısıyla adliye binası önü kalabalıktı ancak Sözcü davasının görüldüğü duruşma salonunun önü boştu.

Avukatlar Celal Ülgen ve İsmail Yılmaz duruşmaya saatinde geldi, avukatlar Ceren Yakışır ve Can Çelik ise duruşma başladıktan sonra salona girdi.

9:50’de başlaması öngörülen duruşma 9:53’te başladı, 10:05’te sona erdi.

Girişte katılımcılara basın kartı veya herhangi bir kimlik bilgisi sorulmadı. Duruşma sırasında katılımcıların bilgisayar veya telefon kullanımına ilişkin bir uyarıda bulunulmadı, duruşmayı rahatlıkla bilgisayara not alarak takip edebildim.

Sanıklar duruşmaya katılmadı.

Mahkeme Salonu Koşulları

Duruşma salonu 20-25 kişilikti. İçeride güvenlik görevlisi bulunmuyordu. Sadece mahkeme heyeti, katip ve katılımcılar duruşma salonunda hazır bulundu.

Katılımcılar katılımcı bölümünde, dört avukat ise avukatlara ayrılan bölümde oturdu.

Duruşmaya Katılım

Sözcü gazetesinden iki muhabir ve farklı kurumlardan dört gazeteci duruşmayı takip etti. Toplam katılımcı sayısı dokuzdu. Duruşma salonunda herhangi bir meslek örgütü, hak örgütü ya da siyasi parti temsilcisi yoktu.

Genel Gözlemler

Duruşma 10 dakika civarı sürdü. Herhangi bir tartışma, gerginlik yaşanmadı.

Avukatların talepleri tutanağa geçti ancak heyet tüm talepleri reddetti.

Avukat beyanları oldukça kısaydı ancak avukat Ülgen’in “Adalet adına yapılmış zulümden daha büyük zulüm yoktur. Müvekkil hakkında hukuksuz yakalama kararının kaldırılmasını talep ediyoruz” ifadesi, tutanağa sadece “Müvekkil hakkında hukuksuz yakalama kararının kaldırılmasını talep ediyoruz” olarak geçti.

Mahkeme başkanının bir sonraki duruşma tarihini açıklamasının ardından, sanık avukatları duruşmanın daha yakın bir tarihte olmasını rica etti. Mahkeme başkanı “ilerleyen günlerde çok sayıda duruşma olduğunu, daha darbe duruşmasının görüleceğini, duruşmanın daha erken bir tarihte görülmesinin mümkün olmadığını” söyledi. Ardından mahkeme salonu bir sonraki duruşma için boşaltıldı.

Sözcü Newspaper's First Trial (Indictment)

Sözcü Newspaper's First Trial 5. Standing (Minutes of the Hearing)