Murat Ağırel

Journalist Murat Ağırel was born in 1978 in Adana.

Ağırel wrote the book “Şaki - Exchequer Court Documents For the First Time” regarding the irregularities in the public enterprises.
Wrote articles in Medya Siyaset and Odatv web-page.

He was a columnist in Yeniçağ Daily.

Ağırel was summoned to give a statement as a suspect for “the articles about the funeral service of the MİT (National Intelligence Agency) who died during the operations in Libya” at March 6th, 2020. After the proceeding he was released with a judicial control condition. Due to the objection of the prosecutor’s office, a capture warrant for his arrest was issued against him by Istanbul 9th Criminal Court of Peace.

Ağırel appeared at the Istanbul Police Headquarters in Vatan Street, early at March 8th, 2020. He was then forwarded to Istanbul 5th Criminal Court of Peace where he was arrested.

Ağırel is being kept et Silivri Prison.

5 other journalists were arrested on the same grounds.

Investigation against Ağırel is still ongoing.