Nuriye Akman

Her real name is Nuriye Ural, as her journalism name uses Nuriye Akman. She was born in 1957 at Samsun, Ladik. Graduated from Communication Faculty of Gazi University. She started journalism at Millet Daily in 1982. Worked at Hürriyet Daily between 1985 and 1993 and at Sabah Daily between 1993 and 2002. She was acknowledged for her interviews. For a period of time she worked as a lecturer on interview techniques at Bahçeşehir University. Hosted tv programs at TRT, TRT Haber and SkyTürk. Lastly she was a columnist at Zaman Daily.

She was on pre-trial detention for 75 days within the scope of Zaman Newspaper Main Case. She was requested to be sentenced for 3 times aggravated life sentence and from 7,5 years to 15 years of imprisonment. She was accused of being a coup plotter and terror. She is acquitted of all of the accusations against her.

Zaman Newspaper Main Trial

Nuriye Akman(Ural), former writer of Zaman Daily which was shut down with the State of Emergency Decree-Law, was taken into custody at July 27th, 2016 within the scope of the operation against the former writers and executives of the paper. She was mentioned as Nuriye Ural in the investigation cases and the indictment.

She was arrested and sent to Bakırköy Female Prison at July 30th, 2016 by the decision of Istanbul 4th Criminal Court of Peace. She, at the Criminal Court of Peace, stated that she wrote pieces against coup and had no connection with FETÖ. Reasoning of the arrest warrant stated that Nuriye Akman had written articles that were promoting FETÖ and she continued her articles even though a lawsuit was opened against Ekrem Dumanlı, an executive of the paper. It was noteworthy that it was decided that she was to be arrested because Dumanlı had left the country.

Nuriye Akman, after being detained for 75 days, released by the decision of Istanbul 10th Criminal Court of Peace at October 12th, 2016, before the indictment against her was completed.

At December 1st, 2016 her properties were confiscated. It was claims that she was financing the terrorist organisation or was procuring assets with the advantage of being a terror organisation member.

The indictment against Akman was prepared at April 10th, 2017, while she was released. The indictment against Ural and other Zaman Daily writers and executives was sent to the court at April 11th, 2017. It was accepted by Istanbul 13th Assize Court at April 24th, 2017.

The indictment against her was prepared by İsmet Bozkurt, Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office, Terror and Organised Crimes Bureau Prosecutor, at April 10th, 2018. 64-page-long indictment was sent to the court at April 11th, 2017 and accepted by Istanbul 13th Assize Court at April 24th, 2017.

Indictment against Nuriye Akman, as many other FETÖ trials, started with the description of the purpose of the organisation, its structure, its sources of income, its force in weaponry. This part kept on for 20 pages. It was stated that the media outlets that employed the journalists were connected to FETÖ. Names of other journalists who were not suspects in this indictment were mentioned as well. Accusations against the suspects started after this part.

It was claimed that Nuriye Akman formed the media power of FETÖ. It was suggested that she was playing her role in order to remove the constitutional order of the state, the parliament and the government.

Akman’s name was mentioned twice in the indictment including the time at the identification part. Her column was included. Here her article titled “how to prevent corruption” at December 24th, 2013 following the 17/25 December Corruption and Bribery Investigation at 2013 involving numerous politicians and their children. But the content of the article was not included in the indictment.

It is stated that Nuriye Akman was not just opposing in her articles. The indictment, regarding the articles, says “did not include crime factors on surface”. However the articles were crossing the limits of the freedom of press and expression. It is suggested that she was, with her articles, violating the rights of the public officials and state institutions. According to the prosecutor that claimed Nuriye Akman did not hesitate to call for a military coup, had articles “in a nature to disrupt the peace and comfort of the public, social peace and public order”.

Nuriye Akman was requested to be sentenced for 3 times aggravated life sentence and from 7,5 years to 15 years of imprisonment. She was accused of “attempting to abolish the constitutional order, the Parliament and the government of the Republic of Turkey, or to prevent them, in part or in full, from fulfilling their duties.” and “membership of an armed organisation”.

First hearing of the case took place at September 18-19th, 2017 at Istanbul 13th Assize Court. The courtroom was inside Silivri Prison. Nuriye Akman was released at October 12th, 2016. Due to the defences of detained Zaman writes and executives at the first hearing, released journalist Akman’s defence was left to the next hearing.

Second hearing of the trial took place at December 8th, 2017. Nuriye Akman, regarding the article “how to prevent corruption” that the indictment mentioned only the title and the publishing date without its content, made the following assessment:

“I believe everyone would agree with my article, only if it was published at any other newspaper than Zaman Daily. Unfortunately, in our country, correctness of the ideas are judge by the medium it reaches the readers.”

Nuriye Akman, reminded that she made the first interview with Fetullah Gülen, said the following:

“This duty of interviewing Gülen was given to me by Ertuğrul Özkök, at Harriet Daily. It became possible, after I was transferred to Sabah, to do what I could not do back then. My second interview with Gülen was for Zaman Daily.”

Third hearing took place at April 5th, 2018. At this hearing, Prosecutor İsmet Bozkurt presented his opinion as to the accusations. Amman, who was released during the trial, was requested to be sentence from 7,5 years to 15 years of imprisonment with the accusation of “aiding an organisation without taking part in the organisational structure”. Prosecutor Bozkurt, requested Ural’s acquittal from other accusations.

Next hearing of the case took place at May, 10-11th, 2018.

Trials ended with the decisive hearing at July 5-6th, 2018.

Nuriye Akman was acquitted of all of the accusations.

Appeal Process

Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor’s office made an appeal to the court of appeal, regarding Akman’s acquittal. 2nd Criminal Chambers of Istanbul Regional Court of Justice, ruled to approve the acquittal decision at June 25th, 2019.

Supreme Court of Appeal Process

Court of Cassation Chief of Public Prosecutor’s Office requested approval of the acquittal decision regarding Akman, with the letter of notification presented to the 16th Criminal Chamber of Court of Cassation. Criminal Chamber has not concluded the file yet.

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