Press In Arrest September 2020 Press Freedom Report Oct. 2, 2020

In September at least 64 journalists -20 of whom are women- appeared in court for 38 press trials in 7 provinces.

In the trials, the prosecutors demanded 7 counts of aggravated life sentence, and prison sentences of at least 376 years, 11 months to 970 years, 10 months against journalists.


Press In Arrest August 2020 Press Freedom Report Sept. 4, 2020

Trials were suspended in August due to the judiciary recess; however, attempts to bring journalists into line continued under violent forms.


Press In Arrest's 7-Month Press Freedom Report Aug. 7, 2020

In Turkey, the judiciary recess has begun, and will last until September. It was speculated that the recess could be postponed as the country spent the first months of the year under lockdown due to the coronavirus. However, the decision was taken to initiate the recess period as usual. Thus, after the rather turbulent first seven months of 2020, trials were given a short break. This in turn gave us the opportunity to evaluate this period. At Press in Arrest, we have compiled our notes on the events of these past seven months.

Before we start, happy belated feast of sacrifice for those observing it. We would like to remind you on this occasion that at least 65 journalists spent the holiday in prison. We continue working so that from now on, they and all journalists may enjoy future holidays in freedom.

2020 continues as a year when the world as we know it has been shocked to its core. The world is like a ship that has lost its bearings. Naturally, in a country such as Turkey, where one may talk about only an arbitrary democracy, the impact of these shocks is much more devastating, even lethal. The past seven months witnessed developments that eclipsed even the most dramatic TV series.


Press In Arrest June 2020 Press Freedom Report July 3, 2020

In June, at least 60 journalists prosecuted in 30 trials in 5 Turkish cities faced a total of 3 aggravated life sentences, and at least 359 years 5 months 15 days to 919 years 10 months of imprisonment.


Press In Arrest May 2020 Press Freedom Report June 5, 2020

Although hearings were suspended due to the outbreak in May, at least 37 journalists were prosecuted in 21 lawsuits across 8 cities, facing prison sentences totaling “3 counts of aggravated life imprisonment and at least 146 years 3 months 15 days to 399 years 8 months 15 days of imprisonment”.


World Press Freedom Day: Journalism is a 'Crime' in Turkey! May 3, 2020

The Press In Arrest team has created a detailed list of how many journalists in Turkey face / faced trials in the last 2 years as per various legal provisions.


Press In Arrest April 2020 Press Freedom Report May 1, 2020

Covid19 outbreak continues to set the agenda in Turkey and the world. The virus seems to hold the reins of politics, society and daily life. Efforts to bring the virus under control and to return to normal continue.

Although Covid19 appears to be our only agenda item nowadays, other issues continue to change and evolve in Turkey and the world.

Press in Arrest has gathered in a report the top issues concerning ‘freedom of press and journalists standing trial’ in April 2020 in Turkey.


Regarded More Threatening Than The Virus, The Press Is Imprisoned And Muzzled! April 3, 2020

A database and collective memory initiative that has been monitoring, documenting and reporting on hundreds of journalists’ trials for around two years, Press In Arrest has published its March report concerning journalists on trial.


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